GB Auto launches a promotional campaign for Chery cars in the most attractive cities in Egypt – Chery

Chery is a name synonymous with vehicles that offer a perfect blend of quality, technology, and affordability. With its range of successful car brands, Chery has managed to carve a name for itself in the highly competitive automobile market.

GB Auto launches a promotional campaign for Chery cars in the most attractive cities in Egypt

GB Auto launches a promotional campaign for Chery cars in the most attractive cities in Egypt


Cairo, November 2020 : GB Ghabbour Auto, the leading group and the exclusive distributor for Chery cars in Egypt, launched a promotional campaign under the title of “Chery’s Family; Story on the Road”. The campaign embodies a tour in the most important touristic areas that are characterized by the diversity in the nature of the roads to highlight the unique features of each of Chery cars that make it the best companion for its consumer during the trip, in addition to pushing the state’s efforts to stimulate tourism in Egypt.


The tour was held from November 2020 to January 2021, and its itinerary encompassed cruising, while wielding diverse models of Chery, in the most important touristic areas such as; Saqqara, Faiyoum, Alexandria, and others. The campaign comes with the participation of a number of celebrities and influencers on social media, as they will be documenting the trip by capturing creative pictures, and broadcasting live videos on Chery’s social media platforms and to show the extent to which the specifications and features of Chery cars fit their needs and its role in improving their quality of life, making it the best companion during their travels with family and friends.


In this context, Nour El-Gibali, Brand Manager for Chery in Egypt, said “It is among the established values of Chery to put our customers’ needs on top of our priorities and we are keen to enrich the market with a variety of different models that combine highest safety and convenience, the latest technology, and superior performance with competitive prices to suit all categories supporting the automotive sector in Egypt. ”


She added, “This promotional campaign is based on the idea of choosing ​​the best companion represented by the car that is appropriate to the needs of each customer and highlighting the features that are unique to other Chery models so that each car enjoys a tour of places that suit its features and correspond to the needs of its target audience.”


She pointed out, “We at GB Ghabbour Auto are keen to launch many exceptional initiatives aimed at creating continuous interaction with Chery customers, and we are always working to acquire new customers by raising awareness of Chery cars and their different models, and highlighting the advantages and capabilities of various models using the latest means of communication to constantly learn about the advantages, offers, and distinguished services that we offer to our customers.”


She confirmed that these efforts ensure the great success and the increase in demand that Chery has achieved in the Egyptian market, until it has become one of the most popular brands, as it is preferred by many Egyptians. In fact, all the Chery models were able to combine the means of safety and security, the latest technology, and the excellence of performance as well as provision of the best maintenance services, and spare parts through the largest network of sales and after-sales services spread all over the governorates to win customer satisfaction and meet their needs.



When it comes to the models that were included in the campaign, Chery Tiggo 3, under the SUV category, was featured in the campaign, and is equipped with a 1.6 L 4 cylinder engine that generates a force of 126 hp with a maximum torque of 160 Nm. Besides, the Tiggo 4 that features a 1500 cc “turbo” 145 hp and 210 Nm of torque connected to a 6 speed automatic dual-clutch transmission; for a quick response on the road which makes it the best companion on road that meet the needs of young people and their different lifestyles. Tiggo 3 has started its journey in the desert.



Chery Tiggo8 which set off in Sakarra had participated as well in the campaign and is characterized by a 4 cylinder engine, a capacity of 1500 cc “turbo” that generates a power of 145 hp, and a maximum torque of 210 Nm, with a 6 speed dual-clutch transmission. The Chery Tiggo8 cars are also equipped with many standard specifications and means of security and safety, including; air bags, ABS anti-lock brakes, electronic brake distribution, and electronic stability program which makes it the best companion for family safety.


Also, the Tiggo7, which is set to meet the newlyweds & young professionals has kicked off its journey from Fayoum exploring its calm tours. It belongs to the SUV category, is likewise taking part in the campaign. This model comes with a 4 cylinder 1500 cc turbo engine, with 145 hp and a torque of 210 Nm, and it is connected to a 6 speed dual-clutch transmission.


Chery Arrizo5, the all-time youthful car, which is under the sedan category, is among the models that participated in the promotional campaign. Indeed, it comes with a four-cylinder engine, 1500 cc 114 “horsepower” (hp), and a maximum torque of 141 Nm, which is connected to automatic or manual transmission and its tour took place in Alexandria.



It is worth noting that GB Ghabbour Auto Group provides the highest level of sales and after-sales, maintenance, and spare parts services, through an integrated network of 30 showrooms, 22 maintenance centers, and spare parts sales outlets, which are strategically distributed across the Egyptian governorates. Also, the group represents the first car company in Egypt to provide the service of purchasing and reserving cars through the website, with the aim of facilitating the acquisition of all the company’s distinguished cars. This gesture comes in line with the state’s gravitation towards implementing the financial inclusion, in the hope of achieving Egypt’s 2030 vision. Eventually, this is all is part of Egypt’s strategy of conforming to the technological development that the world is currently experiencing.