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Elissa Washutas essay anthologized in The Best American Essays 2022

I am a European and we really don’t think you guys are that great, your self-absorbed and arrogant. Our country is a place where people can live free, and it’s such a blessing to live here. Every day is something new, we all learn new things and develop as a community. As a country we have a passion for our nation, and it’s that same spirit that makes me proud to be an American.

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It is an interesting topic of discussion to think of what makes someone an American, whether they are… America is a country that allows me to vote when I’m 18, I’ll have a say in who I want for as the next president, or governor of my state.

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Your citation will depend on the type of requirements your instructor will provide you with. You can ask your teacher which style of citation if preferable before the essay writing. The chool itself may have specific guidelines for every type of academic writing. Continuously throughout history, African American slaves were portrayed as voiceless and victimized.

how to be a good american essay

Open dialogue opens us up to new ideas, such as learning about new religions, cultures, and ways of life. We have so many different lifestyles right here in our own country that it would be devastating to not learn about any of them. There is also a military that protects all of these great things. From the Coast Guard to the Marines, there are people out there that protect all of my freedoms and rights. They know that when they serve their country they help everyone in it, which makes them great people.

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Besides, this US history topics list structured thematically. It, hopefully, will make it easier to navigate and get started.

  • Crevecouer’s “Letters from an American Farmer” and “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin” were two most influential works, fiction nonfiction, at the time and elaborated on these ideas.
  • Choose what US history interesting event or a historic figure captures your attention the most.
  • There are no American peasants, and this may be the real reason why to so many Americans the love of the land is little more than a poetic expression.
  • Good writing is clear and concise and avoids unnecessary jargon or complicated language.
  • Honestly true freedom, to allow for any actions taken to be regarded in the manner of freedom, will result in disorder and probably anarchy.

Finally, good Americans collaborate with others to embrace change and community development. To be a good American involves having great influence and the ability to cause change. While America is the world’s superpower, it allows its people to influence change in other countries. However, good Americans do not always need to influence change outside America (Gilens & Thal, 2018). Instead, they affect the world through the slightest of their actions. To be a good American is to be consistent and productive over a prolonged period.

How To Be A Good American Essay

Historically Americans have been seeking to achieve the American dream of fame, success and immense wealth through changes and much effort. Politics take up a majority of our morning, afternoon, and evening conversations. Nevertheless, when someone’s views are displayed, fair debate is always open. That is what I truly think makes America great, not what does commentary mean in an essay just because I love debates (even though I do!) I think America is great because of our differences. Keeping track of all the sources both read and cited is time-consuming. For that students can try to use different online software systems. These systems can help to arrange the list in alphabetical order and organize all the citations correctly.

Instead it means that a person living in the United States is free to make their own decisions, such as choosing who will run the country. In the United States of America, the people have freedom of speech, religion, the right to vote, the right to keep and bear arms, and ability to travel where and when they want. Here in this country we can decide how to live our lives, without the government breathing down our necks telling us what to do. We can speak our minds about a certain injustice or write about controversial things that many people deem unconstitutional or politically incorrect. In the United States, we have an opportunity to serve our country.

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The many ethnicities, languages, and beliefs that make up our country are not only what make us so diverse, but they are also what make us great. Through their work, it was demonstrated that religious involvement resulted in mostly positive effects (i.e. increased religious identity, enhanced social support, more positive peer networks, a better sense…

The elements which make up an Englishman, a Spaniard, or a Dutchman are the same as those that make up an American, but the emphasis is different. For instance, Europeans seem to be more deeply aware of their physical relationship to the place they occupy in the sun than are most Americans. To define precisely what nationalism means to each individual would fill a volume. A Frenchman once said that nationalism is a certain number of illusions shared by a group of men and women concerning their origin, combined with a common hatred for any other group of men and women sharing another set of illusions. To most people, however, it is something much more noble than that because it represents an extension of the natural love of man for the country where he was born. It implies devotion, duties, and sacrifices under the general assumption that there is some sort of sacred link between each man and a definite spot on the planet.

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Engaging with and contributing to one’s local community, volunteering time and resources, and participating in civic activities. That is a very ponderous question, and one that can not be answered without much thought.Alas each answer to this question is unique to each individual person. When you ask a person what their definition is of what it means to be “an American” you will get many different answers. America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. EduBirdie considers academic integrity to be the essential part of the learning process and does not support any violation of the academic standards. Should you have any questions regarding our Fair Use Policy or become aware of any violations, please do not hesitate to contact us via The African-American experience in this country has long been a source of controversy.

how to be a good american essay

Discuss a Puritan code, the structure of the society, and what type of women were prosecuted. The British Rule in the Americas and the first British Settlements. Explore the first permanent colony in North America and what English wanted the colonies to be. There were a lot of obstacles, which first settlers had faced before Jamestown became a prosperous city. They suffered from a shortage of food, severe climate conditions, and disease.

The glorious American essay : one hundred essays from colonial times to the present

However, we do not use race or ancestry to determine what it means to be American. This is not what defines us, but rather our unique political, economic and social values. To drive home the fact that how to be a good american essay Americans are from all manner of backgrounds we need only look to the Great Seal of the United States which reads ”E pluribus unum”. So, being American is not being of one particular race or religion.

  • People spend their entire lives trying to improve their own social stature, and many times end up completely miserable.
  • You can talk about how the contact between the Native Americans and the Spaniards affected both parties.
  • They vote, participate in community organizations, and advocate for policies that promote justice and equity.

It lets them hear the voices that are so often erased from the history books. These African American history essays can help anyone who is looking for a good topic to write about. This time period is called “the roaring twenties.” It was filled with drastic political and cultural changes in the United States. Jazz, flapper culture, prohibition, and economic abundance are important elements of the 1920s. The United State was going through a lot of change during this time period. From various social changes, changes in foreign and domestic policies, to rapid economic and cultural changes.

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In recent years this form of suffering has been imposed on larger and larger sections of human beings. Americans, luckily for them, have been spared this experience.

Their wisdom is considered as eternal as that of the Biblical prophets. To show how distinctively American this conception is, one has only to imagine what would happen if Mr. Chamberlain justified his present policy by quoting William Pitt, or if M.

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We know that sectional patriotism is strong in the forty-eight states, even stronger in many ways than the regional idiosyncrasies of France, Germany, or England. But how can the inhabitants of these arbitrary rectangles actually feel a coincidence between one of the most primitive instincts of man—his attachment to his native land—and these geometric boundaries? Again one feels the same sense of abstraction which is so characteristic of America as a whole. On the other hand, Léon Blum can address a very tough crowd in the most polished and even precious French and never be criticized for being too perfect. First of all, it is obvious that the sense of nationality is not less developed in Americans than in any other people. It is quite as real and quite as visible in all its manifestations. It is not static, and one feels that it still contains tremendous possibilities of expression.